Apr 10

Art and Writing Courses this Summer in Yellowstone

From the time famed artist Thomas Moran first sketched the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone in 1871 to present day, artists and writers have continually been inspired by the wonders of Yellowstone National Park. Guided by our first-rate professional instructors, you can become part of this tradition by taking an Institute Field Seminar this summer and create your own works of Yellowstone-inspired art and poetry!

Drawing Yellowstone’s Landscapes

When: June 15-17

How did Thomas Moran begin his memorable paintings in Yellowstone? By using some of the same essential and time-tested drawing techniques that you’ll learn in this class to capture the essence of the Yellowstone landscape. You’ll be introduced to these techniques during an indoor session, and then spend the rest of the time outdoors applying what you’ve learned to create your own landscapes. Whether you are new to drawing or have experience, you’ll learn to see and to depict Yellowstone National Park in a new way.

Instructor: Alan Petersen, M.A.

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Painting Moran’s Yellowstone

When: June 19-23

Follow in the footsteps of Thomas Moran by learning to paint outdoors at some of the same locations that inspired the famous Yellowstone artist. Not only will you learn how to capture the essence of a scene, but you’ll also learn the significance of artists like Moran to Yellowstone’s history. Through classroom and field sessions you’ll practice incorporating the sensory experience of being outdoors—temperatures, sights, sounds, lighting, and atmosphere—into at least three of your own paintings. You’ll also improve your skill with composition, color theory, and painting in changing outdoor conditions.

Instructors: Daniel Hidalgo, Karen Hidalgo

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Mixed Media & Water Color Field Journaling

When: August 9-12

Field Journaling in Yellowstone by creating pages within a sketchbook/journal is a perfect way to slow down and really absorb an experience. This class is for all artistic levels. I will be sharing some of my favorite field journaling activities as we explore approaches for creating a field journal. You will find new directions, mediums and ideas for capturing the moment as we experiment with quick sketches, notes, stamps, maps, composition, drawing and watercolor techniques. We will use watercolor, ink, colored pencils and more.

Instructor: Suzie Garner, MFA

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Poetry As Spiritual Practice

When: May 22-25

The practice of quiet attentiveness and observation is critical to the writing and enjoyment of poetry, and a key element of what makes life living in many, many ways. It is a refuge for me. Perhaps it can be for you, too. “Poetry as Spiritual Practice” will include readings and discussions and opportunities to write poems from three (or more) points of reflection. In particular, we will explore the themes of Impermanence, Mindfulness, and Joy, and how these ideas relate to spiritual practice, regardless of religious affiliation, or lack thereof. As my approach is deeply connected to the natural world, there will be particular emphasis there.

Instructor: Chris La Tray

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