2019 Artists in Residence

2019 Yellowstone Artists-in-Residence

Yellowstone Forever’s Art & Photography Center Artists-in-Residence live and work in Yellowstone and engage with park visitors and gateway communities.

They enjoy the opportunity to creatively explore the natural and cultural resources of one of America’s most awe-inspiring landscape, and inspire the next generation of artists in and around Yellowstone National Park.

The 2019 Artists-in-Residence are a unique and inspiring group of contemporary artists sharing their vision and skills with visitors to the park all summer.

Interested in being an artist-in-residence? Learn more about our residency programs.

2019 Artists

Spreading Dawn, Blue Mesa Overlook by Larry Hughes

Larry Hughes

June 3 – 15, 2019

Public Programs:

June 4 & 11, 2-4 pm: “Watercolor without Fear” – Learn a watercolor technique that allows a novice to, in less than an hour, produce a beautiful painting to take home.

June 6 & 13, 11 am-3 pm: Trailside Demonstrations and Open Studio – Watch Larry Hughes in action as he paints in the area. Stop by the Yellowstone Art and Photography to find out his exact location.

Lightning Over Frontenac by Diego Manuel Rangel Ruiz

Diego Manuel Rangel Ruiz

June 17 – 29, 2019

Public Programs:

June 19, 20, 25, & 27, 2-5 pm: “How We See” – Diego Ruiz will give presentations on 3D photography. Each participant will receive a pair of 3D anaglyph glasses that are theirs to keep to view the presentation. At the close of each session, Diego will take a group 3D photograph that participants can have emailed to them. Participants will come away with a new and different view of the world around them.

Kabul Markhors by Anastasia Kierst

Anastasia Kierst

July 1 – 13, 2019

Public Programs:

July 3, 10 am -12 pm: “Try it Yourself Watercolor Alchemy,” as part of the Arts in the Park* program, at Madison Ranger Station.

July 4, 11 am-3 pm: Book Signing of Imagination Vacation Yellowstone at the Old Faithful Visitor Education Center, Yellowstone Forever Park Store

July 9, 1-4 pm: Book Signing of Imagination Vacation Yellowstone

July 11, 2-5 pm: Open Studio and “Try it Yourself Watercolor Alchemy”

“Try it Yourself Watercolor Alchemy” – Watch Anastasia create her own watercolors in the studio and paint alongside her using surprising tools and materials to create seemingly magical effects on watercolor postcards.

Bow by Katherine Mann

Katherine Mann

July 15 – 27, 2019

Public Programs:

July 17,  9-11 am: “Cyanotype Workshop,” as part of the Arts in the Park* program, at the Fishing Bridge Visitor Center, Back Porch

July 18, 23, & 25, 2-5 pm: “Cyanotype Workshop”

“Cyanotype Workshop” – Join Katherine Mann in creating your own Cyanotypes, also known as sun prints. Participants will lay bones, fur, feathers, leaves, and other objects on a paper coated with photographic emulsion and then expose to the sun, allowing a chance to keep images from the park while supporting the “Leave No Trace” initiative.

Geo Dis/connect #4 by Nayda Collazo-Llorens and Patricia Villalobos Echeverria

Nayda Collazo-Llorens & Patricia Villalobos Echeverría

Nayda Collazo-Llorens, born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, is a visual artist engaged in an interdisciplinary practice incorporating multiple mediums and strategies. Through her practice, she examines the way in which we perceive and process information, dealing with concepts of navigation, memory, language, hyperconnectivity and noise. She received an MFA from New York University and a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Her recent solo show was presented at LMAKgallery in New York City.

Patricia Villalobos Echeverría was born in Memphis, Tennessee and grew up in Managua, Nicaragua. She received an MFA from West Virginia University and a BFA from Louisiana State University. She has a hybrid practice of prints, photos, installations, and participatory projects that pivot around issues of migration, navigation, displacement, and transformation. She has exhibited in numerous venues in the US and Latin America, as well as Europe and Asia. She is a Professor at Western Michigan University’s Frostic School of Art in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Peaks Solitude by Renee' Marz Mullis

Renee’ Marz Mullis

August 12 – 24, 2019

Public Programs:

August 14, 9-11 am: “Mini Art Books in Pastel,” as part of the Arts in the Park* program, at Madison

August 15 & 22, 2-5 pm:
 Open Studio

August 20, 11 am-12:30 pm & 2-3:30 pm:
“Mini Art Books in Pastel”

August 22, 2-5 pm:
 Open Studio

“Open Studio” – Join Renee’ Mullis in learning about the art and rich history of dry pastel painting as she demonstrates her overall painting process.

“Mini Art Books in Pastel” – Join Renee’ Mullis in learning about the central role art played in establishing Yellowstone. In this introductory activity, visitors will experiment with pastel as a medium and construct their own mini art books to take home.

Elephant Map by Constance Brown

Constance Brown

August 26 – September 7, 2019

Public Programs:

August 28, 2-5 pm: “Open Studio and Workshop” – Watch Constance Brown at work and learn the techniques and media she uses to make her maps. While she works, participants will also be given a simple base map of Yellowstone to elaborate in any way they wish.

August 28, September 3 & 5, 2-5 pm: “Map Making Workshop” – Make your own illustrated maps of Yellowstone, highlighting areas of the park, fauna, flora, built structures, or whatever else particularly strikes you.

Bumbus Balteatus by Holly D'Oench

Holly D’Oench

September 9 – 21, 2019

Public Programs:

September 11, 17 & 19, 2-5 pm: “Nature Journaling”

September 12, 2-3:30 pm: “Nature Journaling”

September 12, 6:30-7:20 pm: Artist Presentation: “The Importance of Blending Art and Science”

“Nature Journaling” – Join Holly D’Oench for a short talk on nature journaling and why it is beneficial, followed by time outside sketching and documenting. After, participants will discuss what each person observed, how they did so, and what data they chose to record.

“The Importance of Blending Art and Science” – Art and science are so often thought of as two separate worlds, but sometimes they are intertwined and greatly benefit from each other. This presentation will cover a brief history of naturalists/artists and their contribution to science, contemporary examples of science and art, and how the attendees can use art to further their understanding of science.

Norris by Ann Justin

Ann Justin

September 22 – October 1, 2019

Public Programs:

September 252-5 pm: “Sketching Old Faithful” – Join Ann Justin in front of Old Faithful Geyser. Visitors will be using charcoal to draw the geyser in an easy introduction to value study, which is the foundation of painting.

September 28, 2-3 pm: “Plein Air Painting” – Join Ann Justin in front of Old Faithful Geyser to learn the basics of painting geysers from life, and take home a handmade, personal memory of the eruption.

*Through the Arts in the Park program, the National Park Service and Yellowstone Forever offer a variety of art and photography activities. These hands-on programs are designed to inspire new and creative ways of enjoying the beauty and wonder of Yellowstone. Learn more.

Artwork details: Spreading Dawn, Blue Mesa Overlook by Larry Hughes, watercolor, 2016; Lightning Over Frontenac by Diego Manuel Rangel Ruiz, photography, 2015; Kabul Markhors by Anastasia Kierst for P is for Pangolin book, watercolor and digital collage, 2013; Bow by Katherine Tzu-Lan Mann, acrylic and sumi ink on paper, 2017; Geo Dis/connect #4 by Nayda Collazo-Llorens and Patricia Villalobos Echeverria, wall installation, 2018; Peaks Solitude by Renee’ Marz Mullis, dry pastel, 2019; Elephant Map by Constance Brown, acrylic on canvas, 2016; Bumbus Balteatus by Holly D’Oench, watercolor, 2018; Norris by Ann Justin, pastel, 2017.