Arts in the Park Downloadable Activities

Downloadable Yellowstone Art Activities

Art and photography are integral parts of the Yellowstone experience. These worksheets from Yellowstone Forever and the National Park Service are a great way to engage your creative spirit while learning about the world’s first national park!

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Elements of Art

Thomas Moran’s sketches and paintings depicted Yellowstone’s beauty and grandeur. His works became famous and helped convince the United States Congress to establish Yellowstone National Park in 1872. What would you draw or paint today to show that Yellowstone is a special place?


Elements of Writing

Early descriptions of Yellowstone seemed so strange that people actually didn’t believe them! One man described geysers as “boiling water volcanoes” and “spouting fountains.” How would you describe Yellowstone without using the word “geyser”?


Elements of Photography

William Henry Jackson’s photographs of Yellowstone helped convince the United States Congress to establish Yellowstone National Park. Try recreating Jackson’s iconic photographs from the same places and using the same compositions, while following modern safety regulations and staying on established trails.


The following worksheets are also available in-person at the Yellowstone Art & Photography Center in Old Faithful.

The Shape of Art

Print out this sheet double-sided, fold in half, and then half again to create a mini booklet that folds out into your very own Yellowstone poster!


Yellowstone Buttons

Circles, squares, and triangles are the building blocks of all artists, from famous painters to beginners! Print out these worksheets and create your own Yellowstone wildlife buttons!