Artist-in-Residence Program: What to Expect

Artist-in-Residence Program: What to Expect

Yellowstone Art & Photography CenterWhat should an artist expect during their art residency at the Yellowstone Art and Photography Center?

The Yellowstone Art & Photography Center Residency is located in the Old Faithful area of Yellowstone National Park. While being centrally located in a national park can be a life changing experience, it also has its disadvantages if one is not prepared. The artist should be ready for the following:

Location: When applying please keep in mind that you will be residing and working in a national park. Artwork is not allowed to interfere, harm, or use the environment in any way without express permission from the National Park Service. The artist must follow and obey all rules outlined by the park service. While beautiful, Yellowstone is also a dangerous place with wild animals and a hazardous landscape. Please be respectful during your residency.

Travel: Entry fees into the park will be covered by Yellowstone Forever. Artists are responsible for driving to Yellowstone National Park or flying into the Bozeman airport and arranging shuttle service with our staff. Yellowstone is 2.2 million acres and it is highly recommended that you bring or rent a vehicle, as your visit to the park will be extremely limited otherwise. Travel expenses will not be reimbursed.

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Communication/Internet: Cell phone service is limited and sporadic in the interior of the park. Verizon is the service that works the best within the park boundary. A phone is located in the art center for emergencies. Limited Wi-Fi is also provided to the artist.

Privacy: The artist will be residing in the Art & Photography Center. They will be in the back portion of the building with a private room and bath. However, they are located in one of the busiest sections of the park and should be aware that while we take every measure to insure your privacy, visitors will be walking continually past your space during our 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. open hours.

Food: Artists are required to provide all their own food and meals. The residence has a complete kitchen stocked with cooking essentials. It is recommended the artist pick up food from a nearby town before entering the park as the general stores gear more towards camping items. The artist will be provided a $15 a day stipend.

Materials: Yellowstone Forever provides a studio space in the art center with basic supplies, hardware, and furniture. The artist must provide all their own materials for their personal projects. A full list of what is at the art center can be sent to the artist upon request. All materials required for the artists public programming will be supplied by Yellowstone Forever.

AIR Aaron SchuerrWeather: Throughout the summer months the weather in Yellowstone can range from 90 degrees during the day to 30 degrees at night. Snow throughout the summer does occur. Rain storms happen on a daily basis. The artist should be prepared to handle a variety of weather events and should check the forecast before arrival. The artist space has both heating and air conditioning.

Visitors: Please inquire directly if you plan to have visitors during your stay.

Public Programs: The artist is required to provide 6 hours a week of public program to be described in the proposal and scheduled with the Art & Photography Center coordinator. The rest of the time is the artists to do with as they please.

Pets: Pets are not allowed in the residence due to allergies and the limited access for pets to be in the park. Service animals are allowed and please disclose this information in your application.

Smoking: Smoking is not allowed in the residence or the grounds of the building.

Fees: The residency and application process are free and Yellowstone Forever provides the artist a $15 daily stipend to help offset the cost of food. As an artist with Yellowstone Forever you will also receive a 30% off discount in all Yellowstone Forever bookstores, general stores, and hotel gift shops. This discount excludes gas, tobacco, alcohol, and dine-in food.

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