Citizen Science: Home on the Range Project

Citizen Science: Home on the Range

A historically large bison population has caused immediate concern whether there is home on the range for the most diverse and abundant ungulate and carnivore community in North America.

From the bottom-up, bison are changing the landscape of northern Yellowstone. Gazing pressures are higher than ever observed when elk were dominant and are changing phenology, productivity, and food quality of park grasslands.

This project coordinates data collection among park biologists and Yellowstone Forever-led citizen scientists to evaluate bison, elk, bighorn sheep, mule deer, and pronghorn diet, nutrition, habitat use, migration patterns, birth rates, survival rates, and population growth rates.

Home on the Range is a citizen science project that collaborates closely with the Yellowstone Bison Management Team to document ungulate herd demographics and collect scat samples.

How to Get Involved

Collect data while participating in an Institute program

While on a Yellowstone Forever program, ask your instructor to collect demographics on a herd of animals.

If time allows, and conditions are safe, locate a collared female and collect a scat sample for diet analysis!

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