Citizen Science: Yellowstone Phenology Project

Citizen Science: Yellowstone Phenology Project

Yellowstone Forever is in need of volunteers to document phenology in the park! What is phenology?

Phenology is the study of plant and animal life cycle changes over time.

By recording these changes, park managers can better anticipate resource protection needs and plan management actions.

This volunteer opportunity provides hands-on service-learning that collects real data to fill an important knowledge gap about park plants, insects and what they can tell us about changes to the park over time!

How to Get Involved

Volunteer a minimum of five weekdays or one weekend a month

We are currently recruiting volunteers for a minimum of five weekdays or one weekend a month, from April to September.

For those committing to one weekend per month, Yellowstone Forever will provide free housing at the Overlook Field Campus in Gardiner, MT. No experience is necessary! All training and materials will be provided.

Project Dates:

4/24-25, 5/22-23, 6/20-21, 7/18, 8/14-15, 9/11-12, 10/9-10

Duties include:

  • Pitfall trap sample collection
  • Plant identification
  • Sorting and mounting of insects


  • Ability to hike up to five miles off-trail over rough terrain
  • Interest in entomology and/or botany, and willingness to learn in a classroom, field, and lab setting
  • Possess attention to detail and fine motor skills
  • Ability to work effectively as part of a team

For more information, contact Erik Oberg, Yellowstone Biologist, 307.344.2156 or click here.