Citizen Science: Red-tailed Hawk Monitoring

Citizen Science: Red-tailed Hawk Monitoring

Through our Red-tailed Hawk Nest Monitoring Project, citizen science volunteers will practice their observation skills, and support the park by helping monitor red-tailed hawk nests!

Red-tailed hawks are a ubiquitous raptor across much of North America, including Yellowstone National Park.

Most of the monitoring done through this project will be done approximately 100 meters from the road, but may involve off-trail hiking up to 1 mile at a time.

Data collected will contribute to Yellowstone National Park’s understanding of the study area and, ultimately, management decisions.

How to Get Involved

Register for our dedicated program

What: New! Citizen Science: Red-tailed Hawk Monitoring
 A dedicated, two-day program led by Yellowstone Forever’s Citizen Science Manager
When: TBD

Collect data while participating in a different Institute program

We are currently recruiting volunteers to assist with road-side nest searching across Yellowstone’s Northern Range! While on a Yellowstone Forever program, ask your instructor about participating in the Red-tailed Hawk Monitoring study.

Duties include:

  • Observing raptors through optics
  • Identifying raptor species
  • Exposure to elements in a variety of conditions
  • Documenting nest locations


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