Yellowstone Forever Field Seminar Category Descriptions

Field Seminar Category Descriptions

Yellowstone Forever’s Field Seminars examine specific aspects of the park ecosystem through a combination of fun field excursions and engaging classroom presentations.

Our seminar leaders are experts in their fields and include naturalists, scientists, professors, and acclaimed photographers, writers, historians, and artists.

The Yellowstone Forever Institute offers the following types of Field Seminars.

Gardiner Based

Naturalist Day Trips

These single-day Field Seminars depart from Gardiner, Montana, at the park’s North Entrance and focus on a wide variety of subjects from geology to wildflowers to raptors. The active, short programs led by expert naturalists are a great way to get a taste of what the Yellowstone Forever Institute offers.

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Certification and Training Courses

Outdoor professionals and outdoor enthusiasts alike have the opportunity to expand their knowledge, experience, and skills and receive certification through courses such as Wilderness First Aid and the Certified Interpretive Guide program. These single- and multi-day courses are based out of Gardiner, Montana, and lodging may be available at our nearby Yellowstone Overlook Field Campus.

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Lamar Based


All Traditional Field Seminars are now based at the Lamar Buffalo Ranch and include lodging. These multi-day programs allow you to delve deep into a topic or activity while experiencing a more peaceful corner of Yellowstone as you enjoy mornings and evenings on the historic ranch. Guests bring and prepare their own food in the community kitchen.

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Lamar Premier Packages

Lamar Premier Packages offer an all-inclusive field seminar experience. In addition to featuring some of the most renowned instructors in the fields, these fully catered programs include a private cabin at the ranch, transportation between Bozeman and the Lamar Buffalo Ranch at the beginning and end of the program, and optional complimentary lodging in Bozeman on the night prior to the program.

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Catered programs based at the Lamar Buffalo Ranch are similar to Traditional Field Seminars except all meals are provided. We can accommodate all food restrictions and diets, and all meals and gratuity are already included in your tuition fee. Catering consists of dinner on the first night (check-in), breakfast through dinner on full days, and a continental breakfast on the last morning (check-out).

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Backpacking Programs

For those craving challenge and adventure in Yellowstone, Backpacking Programs provide an exciting backpacking experience with the guidance of a highly experienced instructor. Participants bring their own food and stay their first night at the Lamar Buffalo Ranch, then venture out for 4–5 days of strenuous hiking, honing their backcountry skills, and enjoying the park’s spectacular wilderness.

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