National Park Service App

National Park Service App

The new official app for the National Park Service puts every one of the 400 national parks nationwide at your fingertips. Find interactive maps, information on what to see and things to do and much more to help in planning your trip to Yellowstone and other national parks. Download it today!

National Park Service app highlighting Yellowstone National Park.

The NPS App is currently available on iOS and Android mobile devices. It can be downloaded for free through the App Store and Google Play. Since cell reception isn’t reliable at Yellowstone National Park, be sure to download the app and save for offline use before coming to the park. This can be done through the toggle switch located at the top of the Yellowstone section of the app.



The NPS App was created by National Park Service staff—people who know national parks—to help you make the most of your visit. Here’s a look at some of those features.

Interactive Maps: see where you are located within the park and find what is nearby, including points of interest, roads, trails, and other information to plan your trip.

Geyser Predictions: real-time geyser eruption predictions for Yellowstone, updated daily.

Park Tours: self-guided tours take you to interesting places in the park. Find suggestions for places to go, directions to get there, and things to do once you arrive.

Amenities: learn where you can find and access transportation, food, restrooms, shopping, and more.

Accessibility: audio-described sites and alternative text for images. This app includes up-to-date accessibility information for facilities and some trails in the park.

Offline Use: you can download content from entire parks for offline use. It’s especially handy if you’re exploring remote areas in parks or concerned about data limits.

Share Your Visit: tell your friends and family about the fun things you did by creating and sharing virtual postcards with scenes from the park.

Things to Do: what do you want to do in a park—hike? Take a scenic drive? Have a picnic? Discover all the fun, entertaining, and educational activities parks have to offer.

News, Alerts & Events: get news and events for all parks—or just Yellowstone National Park!