Lamar Buffalo Ranch

Would you like to work on behalf of Yellowstone, surrounded by trails, wildlife, and spectacular natural wonders? Maybe you’ve always dreamed of spending a summer in Yellowstone National Park? Yellowstone Forever is looking for talented and dedicated new members for our team!

Join us in our mission to create opportunities for all people to experience, enhance, and preserve Yellowstone forever.

Note: Yellowstone Forever’s Artist in Residence and Plein Air programs have been postponed for 2021. 


Field Educator – Seasonal Winter 2021-2022

Location: Gardiner, Montana

Housing: Employee housing is available to rent in Gardiner, MT for this position, if you choose. No pets are allowed in housing. Housing is a shared unit with other staff or volunteers of Yellowstone Forever.

Seasonal Field Educators are part of a dedicated educational staff committed to connecting learners from across the world to the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem through delivery of exceptional educational experiences. They are knowledgeable about Yellowstone’s natural, geologic, and cultural history and are experienced outdoor leaders who create a comfortable learning environment while keeping their learners safe on programs. Field Educators prepare and deliver engaging and organized programs to a diverse range of learners with the goal of connecting them to the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and building a constituency for preservation.

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Park Store Associate – Summer 2021

Location & Housing: (2) Gardiner with housing; (1) Old Faithful with housing; (1) Old Faithful with RV spot

The Park Store Associate is a critical role in the daily operation of Yellowstone Forever Park stores at visitor centers and contact stations throughout the Greater Yellowstone National Park Area. The associate represents “the face” of the organization by working on the front lines and often in partnership with naturalist rangers from the National Park Service. Associates assist and engage visitors with purchases of educational products, explain our supporter program and recruit new members, and help answer visitor questions about Yellowstone National Park. Success in this position requires outstanding visitor/customer service skills and a passion for Yellowstone National Park and its preservation, and sharing that passion with others.

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Warehouse Associate – Summer 2021

Location: Gardiner, MT

The Warehouse Associate plays a critical role in Yellowstone Forever’s operations, will be responsible for performing an array of duties such as receiving and processing incoming stock and materials, picking and filling orders from stock, packing and shipping orders, or managing, organizing, and retrieving stock and other data processing. Success in this position requires a high degree of efficiency working with warehouse logistics software to ensure complete accuracy for inventory.

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Human Resources Assistant – Summer 2021

Location: Gardiner, MT
Housing: This position does not have employee housing. Applicants will need to provide their own housing.
Hours: Core business hours are 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday – Friday; Flexibility with-in these hours are possible
Length: This position is budgeted for 40 hours a week for 6-8 weeks, flexibility in work hours per week can extend the position to up to 12 weeks.

The Human Resources Assistant plays a critical role in working to support an efficient and progressive Human resources team which develops and manages programs to enhance staff performance. This position specifically focuses on working closely with the Human Resources Generalist in the administration of processes and policies that support the day-to-day human resource operations. The ability to multi-task effectively and efficiently, while maintaining confidentiality and professionalism in a fun environment is essential. Success in this position requires exceptional organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills. This position will be responsible for a variety of priority projects, include organizing Archive room and moving boxed files to Archive.

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Vehicle and Equipment Volunteer – Summer 2021

Location: Gardiner, MT

The Equipment and Vehicle Volunteer provides logistical support for programs that originate out of Yellowstone Forever’s Gardiner, MT office. The Equipment and Vehicle Volunteer will work with the Fleet and Logistics Manager to ensure equipment needed for programs is maintained and cleaned. The Equipment and Vehicle Volunteer also provides support to field instructors by staging needed equipment for programs, and putting equipment away when it returns from a program. Success in this position requires attention to detail, flexibility and a willingness to work a split shift. This is a seasonal volunteer position from May through September.

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Campus and Program Volunteer – Summer 2022

Location: Lamar Buffalo Ranch, Yellowstone National Park & Yellowstone Overlook Field Campus, Gardiner, MT

The Campus and Program Volunteer supports the educational programs and Yellowstone Overlook field campus. Each educational program is supported by one of our Campus and Program Volunteers. Field seminar programs are based at the Lamar Buffalo Ranch field campus, the Yellowstone Forever classrooms in Gardiner, or another location in the park. The Yellowstone Overlook field campus is based in Gardiner, and provides a location for adult students and youth groups to stay in comfortable lodging during their stay while participating in YF programs. Campus and Program Volunteers welcome and host students, orient them to Yellowstone Forever and the facility, assist instructors in logistical aspects of courses, drive the 14-passenger mini-bus for all field trips, assist in risk management in the field, and maintain and clean campus facilities. Campus and Program Volunteers also provide linen service and basic maintenance services at the Yellowstone Overlook field campus. Success in this position requires a welcoming demeanor, being a responsible and independent worker and being able to assist with the needs of various students. Depending upon the needs of Yellowstone Forever, Campus and Program Volunteers may spend more time or less on certain duties.

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