Lodging at the Lamar Buffalo Ranch

The Yellowstone Forever Institute offers lodging for program participants at several different locations, all guaranteeing stunning views and memorable Yellowstone experiences.

All Lodging & Learning programs are held at park hotels. Field Seminars may be based at either the Institute’s Lamar Buffalo Ranch field campus, the Yellowstone Overlook Field Campus, or at a park hotel.

Backcountry programs take place in the wilderness in and around Yellowstone National Park. Private Tours and Youth & College programs take place in and around Yellowstone National Park. Program locations are included in each program description.

Interested in reserving a spot in our Lamar Buffalo Ranch or Overlook Field Campus? Call us for more information at 406.848.2400.

Lamar Buffalo Ranch

Lamar Buffalo Ranch - Lamar Valley OverlookThe historic Lamar Buffalo Ranch Field Campus offers comfortable lodging in a wilderness setting. The lodge is located in Yellowstone’s scenic Lamar Valley and far from other development. When you come here, you step back in time and experience the park in a unique, rustic facility surrounded by mountain views and native wildlife.


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Yellowstone Overlook Field Campus

Perfect for families and small groups, the Yellowstone Overlook Field Campus features comfortable cabins on 80 acres, awe-inspiring views, and easy access to the northern section of the park.

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