Field Campuses

Lamar Buffalo Ranch

Lamar Buffalo Ranch - Lamar Valley OverlookYellowstone’s Lamar Valley is known worldwide for its breathtaking beauty and abundant wildlife. The Lamar River meanders through the valley and is flanked by the impressive Absaroka Mountains. Dramatic vistas reveal groves of cottonwood and aspen trees, complimented by a dazzling array of lakes, creeks, and pond.

Such is the setting for the Lamar Buffalo Ranch. The ranch was established in 1907 to preserve Yellowstone’s bison after they had been hunted to near extinction. The buffalo ranch remains a significant structure and symbol for its role in the history of wildlife management and the preservation of the American bison.

The Lamar Buffalo Ranch serves as a field campus for National Park Service and Yellowstone Forever Institute educational programs for visitors of all ages and interests.

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Yellowstone Overlook Field Campus

The Yellowstone Overlook Field Campus features comfortable cabins on 80 acres, awe-inspiring views, and easy access to the northern section of the park. Situated just above Gardiner, MT, the Overlook offers a lodging experience unlike anywhere else in the area.

The Overlook Campus is primarily used for lodging connected to Yellowstone Forever Institute education programs. There is limited space availability for private groups looking for lodging and meeting space in connection with organizations supporting the resource preservation and education missions shared by YF and NPS. For more information, please contact us at [email protected] or call us at 406-848-2400.

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Gardiner, Montana

In addition to the Overlook Field Campus, the town of Gardiner, MT offers a number of lodging options. Visit the Gardiner Chamber of Commerce lodging page for more information and to explore options.

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