Yellowstone Video Library

Yellowstone National Park offers endless opportunities for wonder and learning. From the magic of Old Faithful to the unique lessons learned from the park’s wildlife residents. Click through our video library to get a view of the magic of Yellowstone and our work to preserve it forever.

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Get tips and facts straight from Yellowstone! Our Yellowstone Forever Institute instructors are committed to connecting visitors to Yellowstone through exceptional education, both in person and from afar.

Inside Old Faithful
What makes Old Faithful so faithful? Carolyn, a Naturalist with the Yellowstone Forever Institute, talks about what’s happening below the ground that might cause Yellowstone’s most famous geyser.
Bison in Yellowstone
What is Yellowstone’s role in bison confirmation? Carolyn, a Naturalist with the Yellowstone Forever Institute, talks about bison conservation and the work restore land for wild bison populations.
Raven Calls with George Bumann
Birds can give lots of information through their vocalizations. George Bumann — a longtime Yellowstone Forever Institute instructor — gives us some spot-on reproductions of bird sounds.
Infrared Laser Demonstration
Did you know we use lasers in many of our park programs? Senior Naturalist Brad Bulin shows us how and why they are used in a demonstration from Mammoth Hot Springs.
Art in Yellowstone
Did you know, when early photographers visited Yellowstone they would carry hundreds of kilograms of equipment and supplies? A far cry from the selfie stick! Learn more about the legacy of art in Yellowstone.
How to Identify Bear Tracks
Can you tell difference between grizzly bear and black bear tracks? Senior Naturalist Brad Bulin gives us some tips on how to tell them apart when out on the trail.
Bear Spray Demonstration and Safety Tips
Do you carry bear spray out hiking in bear country? Senior Naturalist Brad Bulin shares with us why bear spray is the most effective bear deterrent and how to use it.

Yellowstone offers a different experience for each visitor. As the official nonprofit partner of park, we work with the park to make those experiences special, forever. Get a deeper understanding of our work in the videos below!

Yellowstone: An American Safari
Embark on an American safari with the Ponce family as they travel from their hometown of Chicago to Yellowstone. Take in the breathtaking landscapes and experience rich history in this video produced by Enterprise.
Celebrating 100 Years of Support for Yellowstone
Meet one of our corporate partners! For 100 years, ConocoPhillips has supported Yellowstone National Park, funding projects and programs that protect and preserve this national treasure.

While there’s nothing quite like seeing the majestic creatures and formations of Yellowstone first-hand, we can get you close! Check out some of our most popular videos from the park, and check out our Instagram account for more.

Baby Bear Cubs Climbing
Watching baby bear cubs climbing and playing high up in trees – what could be better?
Bison Calves and Herd
Bison calves and herd spent a leisurely morning along the Madison River, and we shot this video!

Cougars Pass By a Trail Camera
Researchers with the Yellowstone Cougar Project caught this footage of two cougars passing a remote camera. Keep watching to see one more little surprise jump into the scene.
Old Faithful at 20 Degrees Below Zero
Along with massive plumes of steam created by the extreme cold, watch closely as some of the eruption’s water droplets freeze and fall as ice crystals.
Bison and Steam at Midway Geyser Basin
Two Yellowstone icons came together just in time for renowned photographer Tom Murphy to take this video!

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