Annual Stock Purchase Program

Supporting backcountry logistics

Yellowstone National Park cares for and works 100 heads of stock every year. These stock animals are vital to the park in the summer and fall, as they use them to travel throughout the park to support backcountry logistical needs. Donations from Yellowstone Forever are used to purchase stock animals for ranger use.

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What needs to be done

Yellowstone National Park maintains a cavvy of approximately 100 stock animals at any given time. Every year the park must replace members of that cavvy who are lost due to death, injury, and old age. Yellowstone Forever donors fund the annual purchase of new stock to maintain the park’s numbers.

What we’ve accomplished

Each year Yellowstone National Park is able to restock its cavvy of stock animals thanks to funding from Yellowstone Forever’s donors. In 2019 the park was able to purchase 9 new stock animals for the program.

The animals purchased through this project allow backcountry rangers to fulfill their duties. These rangers patrol trails and cross-country routes in the wilderness to check on resource impacts such as illegal fire rings, visitor permits, or trail status. They respond to injured and sick hikers. Without a full cavvy of stock animals these rangers would not be able to complete these vital tasks.

From a ranger:

I love being able to work outdoors in the world’s first national park. My partner, Roo (horse), and I have really perfected our good cop, bad cop routine. — Ranger Dooley

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