Trails and Boardwalks

Project Overview

Yellowstone National Park is one of America’s premier wilderness areas. The park encompasses more than 2.2 million acres and has 1,000 miles of hiking trails, and more than 15 miles of boardwalks. Trails and boardwalks not only connect Yellowstone’s visitors with its wild places and natural wonders, but they’re also the park’s primary tool for protecting visitors from harm.

With extensive visitor use and environmental deterioration, many of the park’s boardwalks are worn and damaged, creating safety hazards, a poor visitor experience, and a threat to these fascinating and scientifically significant features. There are over 40,000 linear feet of boardwalk in critical need of repair and replacement. This project will fund the improvement and accessibility of trails, directly ensuring that future visitors will be inspired by, and safely experience, the park’s otherworldly thermal features.

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  • A group hiking through a meadow with a view of Bunsen Peak in the background

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