Sep 21

Veteran Volunteers Help Restore and Rebuild Yellowstone Corrals

For nearly a decade, Yellowstone Forever has partnered with Yellowstone National Park and a group of military veteran volunteers to restore and enhance corral operations throughout the park. Warfighter Outfitters, a nonprofit organization that provides disabled veterans with no-charge hunting and fishing trips and service projects throughout the country, has taken on this project over the last number of years.

Patrolling the backcountry, monitoring trail activity, and conducting scientific field work all require support from stock animals. This is why park corral facilities are so critical. With the additional help from these dedicated volunteers, corral improvements have made rangers’ work and stock operations safer and more efficient.

This year, our volunteer team headed out for work at the Stephens Creek corrals (near the park’s North Entrance). The project involved demolition, digging, welding, hauling large posts and planks of woodstrenuous work to say the least! The reward of working together towards a common goal, while giving back to Yellowstone National Park, keeps the project going year after year.

We are so thankful and honored to work with this dedicated group of veterans, park staff, and volunteers. See them in action in the photos below!














The majority of images here were provided by project leader and founder of Warfighter Outfitters, Brett Miller. Read our interview with Brett about his own experience as a disabled veteran and the impact these Yellowstone trips have on his fellow veterans. The corral projects are funded each year by ARCH Venture Partners through a grant to Yellowstone Forever.