Mar 29

Yellowstone Forever and Yellowstone National Park Team Up for 20 More Years of Educational Programming

Yellowstone Forever and Yellowstone National Park recently signed an agreement that paves the way for 20 more years of educational collaboration in the park. The partnership aims to expand educational programs available to visitors of all interests and ages, helping them foster a deeper connection to Yellowstone’s incredible natural resources and cultural history.

“We’re taking our collaboration with the National Park Service to the next level to engage, inspire, and deeply impact visitors in the world’s first national park,” says Heather White, president and CEO of Yellowstone Forever. “The learning that takes place in these programs is truly transformational, and we’re excited to share these opportunities with visitors for years to come.”

“Yellowstone National Park is one of the world’s premier classrooms,” says Dan Wenk, superintendent of Yellowstone National Park. “Our educational partnership with Yellowstone Forever creates opportunities for visitors to make meaningful connections with the park, sparking a passion for learning and an appreciation of public lands that lasts a lifetime.”

Since inception, Yellowstone Forever has been supplementing the park’s educational resources with products sold in its Park Stores and by providing in-depth educational programs through the Yellowstone Forever Institute. Although Yellowstone Forever and the National Park Service already collaborate on programs such as My Yellowstone Adventure and the Yellowstone STEAM Teacher Workshop, many educational programs in the park are currently delivered separately.

Under this new agreement, both organizations look forward to expanding this cooperation, and creating a true partnership where program delivery and messaging are consistent. The goal is to a create a model where both the National Park Service and Yellowstone Forever are the faces of education in the park.

“The Yellowstone Education Cooperative was created to achieve a unified, collaborative education program operating between Yellowstone National Park and Yellowstone Forever,” says Robert Petty, Yellowstone Forever director of education. “Through our collaboration, we can be more efficient and more effective at providing a comprehensive array of complementary programs.”

To learn more about the educational programs available in Yellowstone, please visit the Yellowstone Forever Institute and the National Park Service websites.