Sep 26

Distilling Impact: How Wyoming Whiskey is turning bourbon into stewardship at Yellowstone

Since 2018, Wyoming Whiskey has partnered with Yellowstone Forever to support their local national park. Defined by Wyoming and the West, and distilled in Kirby, WY, the family-owned company has a deep connection to the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. As a corporate partner, they have supported projects like sustainability, wildlife and education, helping Yellowstone Forever fulfill its mission.

The Partnership

Wyoming Whiskey is protecting Yellowstone for future generations. Both the wildlife and the landscape draw millions of people to Wyoming. Leaders at Wyoming Whiskey understand it is important for Yellowstone to be equipped with the funds it needs to stay healthy, intact, and beautiful. The partnership has evolved since 2018, from smaller event donations to more impactful programs.

“We feel included in supporting, impacting, and protecting Yellowstone. We have always been inherently connected to the park – but now we are a true park partner.” – David Defazio, Founder, Wyoming Whiskey

How it fits

For Wyoming Whiskey, the partnership fits with the company’s Wide Open Spaces mission to help protect the places that inspire us all. For leadership at Wyoming Whiskey, it is an opportunity to give back to the places that shaped them, the places that inspire them. Many feel personally connected to the park – its mountains and air and water. The mission to preserve and honor the park rises above the day to day, pulling in employee engagement through a powerful story and vision. Employees hike, fish, backpack, and wildlife watch through areas they
protect in their off time.


A Deep Connection 

Wyoming Whiskey was born at the base of Grand Teton National Park. Ingredients are sourced in the Big Horn Basin, operating on 97,818 square miles of Wyoming terrain. The water that becomes whiskey runs down from the slopes of Yellowstone National Park. The whiskey has a connection to the land, with the bourbon becoming a reflection of the landscape itself. It felt obvious to this independent, family-owned whiskey maker to become a partner of Yellowstone’s support system. Through their support for the park’s official nonprofit, they are honoring their iconic neighborhood.

“The bourbon becomes a reflection of the landscape and It’s important for us to acknowledge the benefit we get from Yellowstone. It heightens our platform in the region, both as a company and as an advocate.” – David Defazio, Founder, Wyoming Whiskey

Working with Yellowstone Forever 

Wyoming Whiskey has many partnerships supporting issues they care about, but they’ve found Yellowstone Forever to be particularly grateful, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. Their staff touches base regularly, and is a source of knowledge for Yellowstone news, events, and decisions.

“Yellowstone Forever has such a supportive structure, and is quick to call us back and work with us. Every year, Sam meets with me personally and asks where we want the money to go,” says David DeFazio, co-Founder of Wyoming Whiskey. “Our donation felt appreciated at Yellowstone Forever – we felt honored. Sam calls me just to say thank you at times.”



This case study was written and prepared by Miles Starr Radin, in collaboration with Yellowstone Forever, Toyota North America and Yale School of the Environment. Miles Starr Radin is an environmental advocate, national park visitor, and graduate of the Yale School of the Environment (MEM ’22). He started his career as a naturalist in Yosemite National Park, has worked at a variety of urban conservation programs (John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge, Chestnut Hill Conservancy), and worked to integrate business to further our planet’s challenging sustainability goals at Subaru of America, Inc. Miles is currently Sustainability Manager at PwC.

For more information on corporate partnerships with Yellowstone Forever, contact:

Sam Barkley (He/Him)
Senior Director, Corporate Partnerships
[email protected]