May 21

Dream Home: How Fortune Brands aligns strategic ESG priorities and builds impact in Yellowstone

Fortune Brands Innovations products play a large role in the homes of millions. With a focus on sustainable products, Fortune Brands was an instant fit with Yellowstone Forever – making products in a way that preserves our natural spaces for the next generation. The partnership with Yellowstone Forever provides Fortune Brands a way to expand their sustainability efforts, impact the world’s first national park, and connect their mission with employees and customers.


The Partnership

When Yellowstone announced its efforts to revitalize employee housing and enhance sustainability efforts in honor of its 150th anniversary, Fortune Brands wanted to get involved. Stemming from a strong focus on innovation and sustainability, Fortune Brands has been utilizing their product line to benefit Yellowstone and its stewards. Specifically, the company is using its products to modernize and upgrade housing for National Park Service employees with products that match the sustainability mission of the park. This includes faucets, sinks, and showers from Moen that will lower water usage and increase performance, and Energy Star exterior doors from Therma-Tru to lower cooling and heating costs. These new components will help National Park Service housing usher in a new era for sustainability. As Yellowstone faces unprecedented challenges, including a changing climate, Fortune Brands will be at the forefront of protecting the park.

In addition to making monetary contributions and donating products from each of its business units to help update many of the park’s facilities, Fortune Brands is working with the park to implement the products in the most impactful and innovative ways. By providing its own expertise, insight and knowledge, the company is sharing its years of experience with park employees, impacting generations of park visitors to come.

“We are proud to partner with Yellowstone National Park on a project that so closely aligns with our strategic focus on ESG and our purpose of fulfilling dreams of home while also leveraging our sustainable, innovative and cutting-edge brands. This partnership is a natural fit for us, and it is an honor to be a part of preserving this national treasure for future generations to enjoy.” – Nicholas Fink, CEO, Fortune Brands.


Employee Engagement 

With many partnership opportunities out there, Fortune wanted to connect with a place that has such a deep connection to America’s history of environmental preservation – one that would resonate with all employees. As one of “America’s Best Ideas”, Fortune recognized that partnerships like theirs with Yellowstone Forever can influence employee culture.

With thousands of employees, Fortune says there is an excited buzz around the office. Their products are now being used for the national parks – building a home for a park service employee, or bringing new sustainable equipment to an education center. The Fortune team noted how employees care more than ever about the impacts of the company they work for, which affects retention, engagement, and company success. This partnership helps share the purpose behind showing up to work every day – to deliver the best products for the best people.


How it fits

While some other corporate sustainability programs go unnoticed, Fortune can capitalize on Yellowstone’s 150 years of reputation as an icon of sustainability. Yellowstone Forever’s mission resonates locally, nationally, and even internationally.

As the world of ESG evolves, Fortune will be able to align the partnership with their social giving and sustainability goals. This will bring them new ways to talk about their ESG efforts, and a more comprehensive story to tell. For example, as they test their decking material in the park, which is made from 94% recycled content, they can combine these two anecdotes into a more powerful story. In a way, the whole park has become a showroom to display their commitment to sustainability.

This aligns with their cohesive giving strategy, and their interests in bettering the communities where their customers live. For Fortune, philanthropy is another way they can show their commitment to strong homes. They also partner with Habitat for Humanity, Rebuilding Together, and Beyond Sports. With more calls for strong corporate social responsibility and ESG efforts, and Fortune’s long list of sustainable products, the company can share a comprehensive story with customers and investors– supporting a park that inspires generations of stewards.

Fortune Brand’s main focus is impacting Yellowstone National Park, however they also anticipate more interactions with their brands as a result. They plan to use this partnership to engage with all types of people, driving interest through their social media and online engagement with parks. With many brands, spanning from constructing, to cabinets, to security, Fortune is excited to highlight their diverse portfolio of products.

“It helps convey our mission and the purpose of our work – our products are sustainable, durable, and built to endure that harshest of environments.” – Leigh Avsec, VP of Corporate Affairs & Associate General Counsel


Working with Yellowstone Forever 

When Yellowstone Forever team came to Fortune, they quickly saw the genuine care and passion for the Yellowstone ecosystem and wanted to take part. Fortune found it easy to work with Yellowstone Forever’s team, and knew the agreement would be a partnership from the start. The staff was forward about what was possible and what was not – helping to generate transparent communication and trust. They continue to think of new ways to impact the park, which inspires our team to think outside the box.

“With Yellowstone Forever, it wasn’t just a sponsorship – it was a partnership. From the beginning, the YF team asked what we cared about, what we wanted to be involved with – it felt natural.” – Leigh Avsec, VP of Corporate Affairs & Associate General Counsel



This case study was written and prepared by Miles Starr Radin, in collaboration with Yellowstone Forever, Toyota North America and Yale School of the Environment. Miles Starr Radin is an environmental advocate, national park visitor, and graduate of the Yale School of the Environment (MEM ’22). He started his career as a naturalist in Yosemite National Park, has worked at a variety of urban conservation programs (John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge, Chestnut Hill Conservancy), and worked to integrate business to further our planet’s challenging sustainability goals at Subaru of America, Inc. Miles is currently Sustainability Manager at PwC.

For more information on corporate partnerships with Yellowstone Forever, contact:

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