Yellowstone Forever’s Lamar Buffalo Ranch

Lamar Buffalo Ranch

The historic Lamar Buffalo Ranch Field Campus is located in scenic Lamar Valley and far from other development. The ranch offers comfortable lodging in a wilderness setting.

Step back in time and experience the park at this unique, rustic facility surrounded by mountain views and native wildlife. Take a look at the below images to get a better idea of what you can expect at this historic and beloved facility.

What to expect at Lamar Buffalo Ranch

Each shared log cabin has three single beds, chairs, propane heaters, and reading lamps. Guests should bring a sleeping bag, pillow, extra blankets if desired, a flashlight for getting around at night, and a non-electric alarm clock.

Cabins do not have electrical outlets or plumbing. The heated bathhouse with private showers is nearby, and guests bring their own towels.

The “off-the-grid” ranch runs on limited solar power with backup generators. For this reason, guests should not bring electrical appliances such as radios, hair dryers, and crock pots as these items overload the system and can cause black-outs.

Camping and pets (with the exception of service animals) are not allowed.

There is no cell phone reception in the Lamar Valley and there is no Internet service. Many guests bring a calling card to use with the common phone.

Unless the program includes catered meals, guests bring and prepare all their own food. The kitchen is a community area where everyone does their own cooking and cleans up after themselves. It is equipped with gas stoves, a microwave, toaster, plates, silverware, and pots and pans.

The bunkhouse is open at all times and is the center of activity, housing classrooms, the kitchen, and bathrooms. Make yourself at home in the bunkhouse; meet new people; enjoy a midnight snack; relax with classmates and enjoy your experience!

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Lamar Buffalo Ranch - Lamar Valley Overlook

View looking south from a hillside just behind the ranch.

A frosty winter morning. Rose creek flows just behind the ranch.

The bunkhouse is the main meeting and dining facility at the ranch.

Inside view of a shared cabin.

Participants walking to the bunkhouse from their cabin.

The “off-the-grid” ranch runs on solar power with backup generators.

The ranch is set in the heart of Lamar Valley.

There is space to explore and relax all around the ranch area.

The old corrals have been restored in recent years and are still used today for park horses.

Path to the bathhouse – a shared, comfortable, and heated facility.