Jul 23

In Good Company: How corporate partners make an impact in Yellowstone

by Sam Barkley, Director of Corporate Partnerships

Yellowstone Forever’s mission to support projects that protect, preserve, and conserve Yellowstone National Park would not be possible without generous donors. While many of those donations come from dedicated individuals, we would not be able to support the park like we do without the commitment and creativity of our many corporate partners.

Today, we are announcing our newest corporate partner to the Yellowstone family: Dümmen Orange. Though you may not recognize the name, you most certainly have seen their products while you shopped for flowers in your local florist or garden center this spring.

Supporting Yellowstone through cause marketing

Dümmen Orange joins Yellowstone Forever as a cause-marketing partner — one of the fastest growing and most effective ways a brand can make an impact with an organization.

Cause marketing provides opportunities for a company to align themselves with a cause important to their brand values while also providing a significant financial return to an organization, typically in the share of product sales. A carefully designed partnership, one that pays close attention to each other’s mission and values, and produces a well-designed product for a targeted group of consumers, can often reap great benefits for both entities. In the end, the company achieves greater sales, brand loyalty and employee morale, while the organization or cause receives exposure and funding towards its specific priority. 

Yellowstone National Park has a unique profile for cause marketing. Recognized as the world’s first national park, this iconic place is a worldwide symbol of public land protection, resiliency, environmental conservation and incredible natural landmarks found nowhere else on earth. As the official nonprofit partner of Yellowstone National Park, Yellowstone Forever has a unique ability to help connect brands with the park, identify funding priorities, develop and design appropriate products in partnership with our federal partners, and implement campaigns to drive sales.

We were able to work with Dümmen Orange to find a connection that benefits their brand identity—and the park!

Dümmen Orange is one of the largest flower growers in the world. Through careful design and market research, the team at Dümmen Orange developed a new line of petunias that will be named “Yellowstone Forever” and will feature a vibrant new color to their industry leading petunia selection.

“This collaboration between Dümmen Orange and Yellowstone Forever allows both of our organizations to share our passion for nature and all its beauty, now and in the future,” said Rebecca Lusk, Retail Director for Dümmen NA, Inc.

The Yellowstone Petunia: Coming to a store near you in Spring 2021

The petunias will be available to consumers in Spring 2021 at Lowe’s stores and select garden centers nationwide. A portion of the proceeds from each petunia sale will go to Yellowstone National Park and support critical park needs.

A mockup of the Yellowstone Petunia with packaging.

As part of the partnership, each cutting will be marketed in one of 1,700+ locations across the United States and feature the Yellowstone Forever brand, elevating the partnership and promoting the organization to a nationwide audience. 

One of the key elements in bringing our two organizations together on this project was the mutual commitment to sustainability. Dümmen Orange has committed to making a social and environmental impact through their membership in the Floriculture Sustainability Initiative and Sedex Global initiatives, and have extended this commitment through its partnership with Yellowstone Forever.

“This partnership with Dümmen Orange celebrates the natural wonder and beauty of the world’s first national park, and we are grateful for their support as we work to protect and preserve Yellowstone for generations to come,” said Lisa Diekmann, President & CEO of Yellowstone Forever.

The Yellowstone Forever Petunia will be available to purchase next spring in Lowe’s Improvement stores nationwide and select retailers. For more information on this partnership or to learn about how your company can support Yellowstone Forever, contact Sam Barkley, Senior Director of Corporate Partnerships, [email protected]

In Good Company is a regular series that explores the partnerships that help make Yellowstone National Park a more sustainable, efficient and cutting-edge operation for the benefit and enjoyment of the people.