Nov 16

Official Nonprofit Partners Unveil the Combined Organization as ‘Yellowstone Forever’

November 16, 2016 – Bozeman, MT – In order to protect, preserve, and enhance Yellowstone National Park for all time, the park’s official fundraising partner (Yellowstone Park Foundation) and education partner (Yellowstone Association) today announced the completion of a merger and official unveiling of the new organization as Yellowstone Forever (

The new unified education and fundraising partner for Yellowstone will harness the outstanding history of educational programs, products and services of the Yellowstone Association along with the legacy of critical fundraising support from the Yellowstone Park Foundation. In supporting numerous efforts to address the increasing demands of a changing ecosystem at the park, Yellowstone Forever promises to be a powerful force in conserving one of America’s most cherished national treasures.

Yellowstone Forever’s combined operations now include:

  • 11 educational Park Stores with gross sales of over $4.9 million; proceeds directly benefit Yellowstone
  • The Yellowstone Forever Institute, which offers more than 600 in-depth programs each year
  • A supporter program of over 50,000 Yellowstone enthusiasts raising funds to support critical park priority projects

“Yellowstone Forever is dedicated to conserving this crown jewel of our national park system,” said Heather White, President and CEO of Yellowstone Forever, who will oversee the newly created entity. “We will connect even more people to Yellowstone National Park through outstanding visitor experiences and educational programs. Our work will spark a new era of stewardship and philanthropy to support the growing needs of the world’s first national park and to ensure that Yellowstone lasts for years to come.”

“Yellowstone Forever will take the best of philanthropy and the best of education to provide an unforgettable experience for all of those who care about the park,” said Yellowstone National Park Superintendent Dan Wenk. “We are excited to work together to support the highest priorities for Yellowstone, and to conserve its nature and wildlife forever.”

To celebrate the newly merged organization, Yellowstone Forever will hold a special event on Friday, November 18 at 6:00 PM (MST) at the REI (2220 Tschache Lane) in Bozeman. As part of the organization’s deep commitment to connecting young people to Yellowstone and fostering future stewards for the park, it donated its “Yellowstone Forever” book collection to the Bozeman Public Library to celebrate the institution’s 10th Anniversary. At the REI event, the organization will also announce its donation of award-winning photographer Tom Murphy and scientist Bruce Fouke’s latest book The Art of Science: Mammoth Hot Springs as a Window on the Universe to all public libraries within 100 miles of Yellowstone National Park. This gift will be dedicated to the next generation of Yellowstone explorers and scientists, and Yellowstone Forever is pleased to partner with Tom Murphy, Professor Bruce Fouke, and NASA to make this possible.


About Yellowstone Forever
Yellowstone Forever—formerly the Yellowstone Association and the Yellowstone Park Foundation—is the official 501 (c)(3) nonprofit partner of Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone Forever connects people to Yellowstone National Park through outstanding visitor experiences and educational programs, and translates those experiences into lifelong support and philanthropic investment to conserve and enhance the park for the future. Visit to learn more.