The Next 150 Years

Committing for the future

As the world’s first national park, Yellowstone has inspired conservation across the nation and around the globe. Since its inception in 1872, 63 national parks have been created across 52.2 million acres. And still, the first of them—Yellowstone National Park—remains a refuge for people to reconnect with nature and learn about all its wonders.

As we move into the next 150 years of Yellowstone and beyond, Yellowstone Forever commits to protecting the park’s incredible species of wildlife, preserving the trails that introduce visitors to geysers, mudpots, lakes, and rivers, and ensuring‑through sustainability efforts and education—that this place we love remains here for all to enjoy, forever.


Wildlife Forever.

Yellowstone National Park provides a natural, wild and intact ecosystem for almost 400 species of animal. Without protection these animals may not have a wild home in 150 years. Help us protect Yellowstone’s wildlife, forever.


Trails Forever.

Yellowstone National Park is home to more than 1100 miles of trails. From backcountry paths to hidden waterfalls, to protective boardwalks surrounding glimmering thermal pools—these trails won’t be there in 150 years without protection. Help us preserve Yellowstone’s trails, forever.


Here Forever.

If we want Yellowstone to be here for another 150 years, we must work together to find ways to be more sustainable—from decreasing light pollution to minimizing our carbon footprints. Help us to enhance the sustainability efforts in Yellowstone to ensure the park remains here, forever.


Join the herd.

Just like bison find strength in groups, we need to grow our herd if we want to protect Yellowstone wildlife, preserve Yellowstone’s trails, and ensure the park remains a truly wild and natural place, forever. Join the herd.