Tribal Engagement

Celebrating Cultural Heritage and Collaboration

In partnership with the National Park Service, Yellowstone Forever is committed to advancing Tribal engagement initiatives across Yellowstone National Park. Among these initiatives is the Yellowstone Tribal Heritage Center, established in 2022 at Old Faithful, which is dedicated to the celebration and preservation of the intricate cultural heritage of Tribes with deep-rooted, historical, and continuing connections to the Yellowstone region. The Center stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, representing an extraordinary partnership forged between Yellowstone Forever, Yellowstone National Park, the National Park Service, associated Tribal communities and individuals. During its first two years, the center has brought together over 70 Tribal artists, scholars, educators, and demonstrators, representing over 20 of the park’s 27 associated Tribes.

While the Center plays a significant role in honoring and preserving the cultural heritage of Tribes within the Yellowstone region, our collective commitment extends beyond its walls. Through various outreach efforts such as the illuminated teepees hosted in Gardiner, Montana and other Indigenous education and outreach events, we aim to create spaces for cross-cultural exchange, promoting understanding and appreciation among visitors. Additionally, our initiatives act as catalysts for long-term Tribal education and engagement strategies, facilitating meaningful dialogue and partnerships between Tribes and indigenous individuals. Indigenous youth and adult programs offered through the Yellowstone Forever Institute, also provide invaluable opportunities for connection. Sustaining and expanding this vital work necessitates continued funding, which supports not only the operational needs of the Center but also various Tribal engagement events, collaborations, and educational endeavors.

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