Important Information for Yellowstone Forever Institute Participants

Important Information for Institute Participants

Your safety is important to Yellowstone Forever. We have established procedures to reduce medical emergencies and to provide treatment of those that occur. All members of the Yellowstone Forever Institute staff are trained to follow these procedures.

Staff also receive additional training in driver safety, wilderness medicine, and the use of portable radios to contact National Park Service emergency services.

The Yellowstone Forever Institute needs and expects you to take an active role in protecting yourself. You should be careful to choose a program that is appropriate to your medical and physical condition.

Before arriving for a program, you need to fully and accurately inform Institute staff of relevant medical conditions, consult with your personal physician about any relevant medical conditions, and obtain all recommended clothing and equipment.

Once you arrive, you need to continually monitor your condition and any external hazards, make prudent decisions, stay hydrated and well fed, and keep Institute staff informed of how you are feeling. Despite our combined efforts, Yellowstone Forever Institute programs entail some inherent risks, many of which are associated with moderate to vigorous physical activity in high altitude mountainous or wilderness terrain.

Even programs that include little activity and do not stray far from developed areas may take place in areas where advanced medical care may be significantly delayed!

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