Jul 29

Photos: 2021 Yellowstone Forever Institute Summer Programs

It’s been a busy summer so far for the Yellowstone Forever Institute! Participants have focused on topics ranging from fly fishing to landscape drawing to wildlife tracking! We’ve rounded up some of the best photos from the summer so far, and are excited to make more memories in our remaining Field Seminars!

Instructor Katy Duffy and the Owls of Yellowstone class look for signs of owls. YF/Christian Beall
The Owls of Yellowstone class gather with instructor Katy Duffy in grey and boreal owl habitat. YF/Christian Beall.
A rainbow appears over the Lamar Buffalo Ranch. YF/Sarah Santos
Joanna Lambert, Ph.D. leads students in the Coexisting with Carnivores class. YF/Christian Beall
Joanna Lambert, Ph.D. and the Coexisting with Carnivores class use scopes to look for wildlife. YF/Christian Beall
Jim Halfpenny examines a wolf track during the Mammal Signs: Interpreting Tracks, Scat, and Hair class. YF/Christian Beall
The class takes a break along the Hellroaring Creek while instructor Jim Halfpenny discusses bear signs. YF/Christian Beall
The Women's Fly Fishing class poses during a fishing expedition at Slough Creek. YF/Christian Beall
Instructor Paul Doss, Ph.D. talks about travertine rock during his Mammoth: 320 Million Years in the Making class. YF/Sarah Santos
A new class of students are welcomed to the Lamar Buffalo Ranch! YF/Sarah Santos.