Jun 02

Take the Yellowstone Pledge

Yellowstone is home to over half the world’s geysers and hot springs, more wildlife than anywhere else in the lower 48 states, and the majestic Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. It is as inspiring as it is humbling. Simply put, there is nowhere else on the planet like Yellowstone National Park.

With the immense privilege of experiencing the park also comes the responsibility to treat it with respect – to ensure its magic lives on for generations to come.

Visitors and supporters can help protect the park and themselves, and help others do the same, by taking the Yellowstone Pledge.

The pledge is a personal promise that anyone can make anywhere, to be their best selves within the park’s limits – to protect its hot springs, recycle, give animals their space, and do whatever else is necessary to preserve the beauty of Yellowstone.

Watch this fun and informative video about the Yellowstone Pledge and visitor safety in the park.

Park lovers who care deeply about Yellowstone and its incredible natural resources can help protect the park by taking the Yellowstone Pledge today.

Feature photo courtesy of NPS / Neal Herbert