Jan 14

Yellowstone Forever Mourns the Passing of Rick Reese, former Yellowstone Institute Director

Yellowstone Forever offers its condolences to the family and friends of conservationist and educator Rick Reese. Rick was a beloved member of our Yellowstone family, and we will miss his passion for the park dearly.

Rick has a long history with Yellowstone Forever. In 1980, he was hired to run the Yellowstone Institute (now part of Yellowstone Forever). In this role, Rick introduced thousands of people to the wonders and wildlife of Yellowstone, creating memories with them that would last a lifetime. Rick was also founding director of the Greater Yellowstone Coalition, a nonprofit working to protect the lands, waters, and wildlife of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, now and for future generations. We are proud that even today, Yellowstone Forever works closely with the Greater Yellowstone Coalition to protect this incredible ecosystem.

Rick’s loss is felt strongly by those who worked with him and those who walk in his boot steps. All of us at Yellowstone Forever are honored to carry on his devotion to Yellowstone through stalwart conservation and inspired education.

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Rick Reese and his family.