Apr 25

Yellowstone Then and Now

It has now been over 100 years since park rangers assumed responsibility for Yellowstone National Park from the U.S. Army. To celebrate the rich history and incredible change in the park over the years, we put together these “then-and-now” photos, highlighting just how Yellowstone has changed.

The true beauty of the park is in the details – in seeing how time, wind, water, and yes, even we humans have changed Yellowstone. It’s incredible to look back at what the park’s most beloved landmarks were like back when those first rangers walked the trails and to compare those images with today’s.

These pictures tell a story decades in the making, which is still unfolding every day – and thanks to stewards of Yellowstone like yourself, there are generations’ worth of stories still left to tell.

Then: Stagecoach at Roosevelt Arch; circa 1914 | Now: Roosevelt Arch at sunrise.


Then: Tally-Ho Stage passing in front of the old National Hotel; 1904 | Now: Stagecoach ride from Roosevelt Lodge.


Then: F.J. Haynes colored postcard of the Old Faithful Inn; Date unknown | Now: Old Faithful Inn in summer.


Then: President Theodore Roosevelt’s camp near Calcite Springs; circa 1904 | Now: Campsite at Lewis Lake.


Then: Employees sitting on the Canyon rim; 1904 | Now: Family taking a selfie at Artist Point.


Then: Jack Baronett’s toll bridge across the Yellowstone River; 1879 | Now: Visitors on Fishing Bridge at Yellowstone Lake.


Then: Chief Ranger James McBride, motorcycle with side car; circa 1921 | Now: Sunrise drive in Lamar Valley.


Then: Ski expedition to Fall River; 1897 | Now: Backcountry campers ski along the road in the Lower Geyser Basin at sunset.


All images courtesy of the National Park Service